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Welcome to Newington Public School’s website. We are very proud of our school and hope you find the information and content on these pages useful.

Our school is relatively new and is still developing, having opened its doors to the Newington community in 2002. In those initial days 55 students and eight staff began laying the foundations and ‘Building the Dream’ of what the school has achieved over the first ten years. In 2017 we have over 950 students. Our student population is richly multi-cultural in nature with over 35 language groups and 75% of students identifying as from language backgrounds other than English.

In 2010 construction was completed on six additional permanent classrooms as part of the 'Building the Education Revolution' program. This brings the total number of permanent rooms to eighteen. The school has additional accommodation provided by demountable classrooms. In 2013 the playground size was increased to create space for these extra classrooms. In 2017 the school is one of the first schools to receive a newly designed and built two storey demountable classroom block of 4 classrooms.

The school owes its existence to the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the development of the suburb of Newington which was the home to the Athletes’ Village during those memorable events in September and October 2000. Whilst the homes where many of our students and their families live today housed the athletes, the school buildings were used as a medical and physiotherapy centre to assist sick or injured competitors.

Our Olympic legacy not only includes the ideals of aiming for your personal best and striving to excel but also includes environmentally friendly facilities and infra-structure such as:

  • the use of recycled water for watering and toilets
  • on-site production of solar power electricity
  • modern learning environment with well equipped classrooms
  • access to the world-class facilities of Sydney Olympic Park

Our school motto “Learning for Life” sets a challenge for both students and teachers to participate in quality, constructive and challenging teaching and learning activities where the aim is to develop each student to their fullest potential.

Our priorities include:

  • Positive Behaviour for Learning   
  • Strong foundations in Literacy and Numeracy 
  • Integration of technology into classroom learning
  • The provision for Gifted & Talented education strategies 
  • Quality teaching
  • Student engagement

We trust you will find the information you are seeking contained on the pages.



Ian Adamson